Last Update: 07-01-2019

GurujiRox Fantasy Sports Pvt. Ltd. takes always ensures to conform to focal and state enactments in India to protect clients from any legal hazard. All the fantasy sports amusements for cricket and football as accessible on our website, including the paid ones like ("GurujiRox Games"), are exactly purported to consent to appropriate statutes and controls in the country.

Games can be broadly classified into the following two categories:

A. Recreations of shot, where the player is resolved altogether by insignificant good luck, the result is entirely sceptical as well asfar-fetched and a person can't make a difference using his/her psyche to predictthe outcome or his/her efforts to affect the outcome. By and large, such diversions are unlawful as they constitute betting.

B. Recreations of aptitude, where, expertise predicts the on-going part and the outcome depends primarily upon the relative comprehension, preparedness, consideration, encounter, and dexterity of the members. By and large, such recreations are not said to constitute 'gambling' and don't fall as negative in the laws precluding betting.

For any amusement to be viewed as a 'game of skill' under Indian law, the component of aptitude must precede the component of chance in influencing the outcomesof the diversion. In this way, the degree to which acumen is associated with the amusement makes it the key factor in the assuring the nature of and legitimacy of the diversion under Indian law.

Hence, games such as Rummy, Carom, Chess and Wagering on Horse Races have been recognised by the courts in India as games of skill.

Exception in favour of 'games of skill'

The chief enactment managing betting in India is the Public Gambling Act, 1867 ("PGA"). The PGA proscribes the demonstration of 'gambling' in an open gathering and the having a 'common gaming house'. The PGA, anyhow, makes a critical and special case for amusements of ability, by expressing that the arrangements of the PGA should [not] be held to apply to any 'game of insignificant skill' wherever played.

In determining whether a given game or contest is a game of skill or a game of chance, Indian courts follow the standard of assessing the 'dominant factor' in the game. The two most important Indian cases in this regard are State of Andhra Pradesh v. K Satyanarayana (AIR 1968 SC 825) (the "Satyanarayana" case) and KR Lakshmanan v. State of Tamil Nadu (AIR 1996 SC 1153) (the "Lakshmanan" case).

In the Satyanarayana case, the Supreme Court characterized a 'game of simple skill' to refer to a diversion "in which, despite the fact that the component of chance fundamentally can't be completely dispensed with, achievement depends chiefly upon the prevalent information, preparing, consideration, experience and adeptness of the player." By using this definition, the Supreme Court held that the round of rummy was a session of ability, and did not add up to betting under the Public Gambling Act. While maintaining the exact of an apparent administration charge for arrangement of a physical space, cards, and so on., to play a round of rummy, the Court anticipated:

"Rummy...... requires certain measure of propensity on the grounds that the fall of the cards must be retained and the working up of Rummy requires significant ability in holding and disposing of cards. We can't, therefore, say that the round of Rummy is a session of whole shot. It is basically and dominantly a session of aptitude."

In the Lakshmanan case, the Supreme Court held that the wagering on horse races was a round of expertise as well. It legitimized that in a horse race the victor isn't controlled by chance alone, as the condition, velocity and perseverance of the steed and the expertise and administration of the rider are factors influencing the aftereffect of the race. The bettor has the chance to practice his judgment and carefulness in deciding the stallion on which to wager.

GurujiRox Games - Games of Skill

In order to progress at the GurujiRox Games a user must have knowledge (gathered through deliberate research), consideration, experience and aptitude. The 'ability' component of the GurujiRox Games is discovered mainly in two perspectives: drafting and playing. Users are liable to a few exactly organized necessities and internments in the diversion rules (which limits the example of chance directing the result) and it isobligatoryfor them to take part in a subjective appraisal of abilities and relative worth of every player in light of his potentials and shortcoming according to the scoring criteria utilized by GurujiRox and make a hypothetical assessment of the player's planned collected insights through the span of the contest at the season of drafting a fantasy group in a GurujiRox Game. To succeed in the GurujiRox Games, a client must make use of his/her intelligence and judge the feasibility of executing of each of his players in the on-going and up-coming matches, and further the client should put time and exertion in analysing and following the termination of his players and other qualified players. Therefore, the assurance of the outcome in GurujiRox Games depends on the superiority of aptitude over chance and it is our conviction that the GurujiRox Game is convincingly a game of expertise according to the law. In similar manner, the GurujiRox Games don't add up to 'gambling' under focal and most state betting statutes in India.

Aside from the PGA, which is a focal enactment, a few states crosswise over India have directed and executed State particular laws representing betting, gaming and other comparative or related exercises. Where the state law regarding the matter occurs, it surpasses the PGA.

While the Public Gambling Act and most state statutes excluded diversions of 'mere ability' from their domain, certain Indian states arrange all amusements of unified expertise and chance as betting paying little regard to whether aptitude is the prevalent factor or not. In Assam, Odisha and Telangana specifically, amusements of blended shot and ability can't be played for any financial belief. As a result, tragically, as of now we do not offer the paid arrangements of the GurujiRox Games in the states of Assam, Odisha and Telangana, however, do make accessible the 'allowed to-play' configurations of the GurujiRox Games to the inhabitants.

Assam, Odisha, Telangana, Sikkam, Nagaland

With respect to Assam, Odisha Telangana, Sikkam, and Nagaland the laws in these states are foggy in the context of whether amusements of aptitude might be played for an expense or not. Owing to these factors, at present, inhabitants of Assam, Odisha and Telangana are not allowed to play in the paid arrangements of the Fantasy Cricket and Football Game. Occupants of Assam, Odisha and Telangana may, however, partake in the 'allowed to-play' form of the GurujiRox Game.